About Us

Online Business Accelerator is an Auckland-based marketing company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and business owners rapidly grow their businesses through the power of online marketing.

We leverage over 25 years experience in the online marketing field to bring you the latest website and landing page performance tools, Facebook trainings and sales strategies.

Online Business Accelerator Story

What this means for you is higher profits, less stress, and more time to focus on what really matters to you; whether that’s your family, recreation, or your own personal mission.

Meet the OBA Management Team

Jonathan Callinan

Jonathan Callinan

He has launched and managed several successful online ventures over the past 9 years, including The Wellness Directory; one of NZ’s most popular health sites.

This project has witnessed the country’s 1st ‘Ask The Expert’ forum and (as of August 2016) has created over 500,000 new treatment bookings for natural health practitioners up and down the country.

Over this period, he has rolled out a web design company on top of his private consulting which bridges the gaping gap between “nice-looking websites” and actual customer conversions.

Jonathan enjoys helping businesses grow through smart web tactics and using the very latest strategies.

He is also a sought-after speaker and has run 18 marketing workshops for business professionals over the past 5 years.

Jonathan Callinan

Jeremy Hobin

Over the last 12 years Jeremy has generated leads for hundreds of companies across Australia, New Zealand and USA and has spoken on stage around the world on a variety of lead generation and online marketing topics.

His track record includes:

  • Developing and implementing large-scale lead generation campaigns for international companies like Hyundai, Harvey World Travel, Karicare, Powershop and many more.
  • Generating hundreds of thousands of leads in highly competitive niches including personal finance, property investment, and mortgage brokering.
  • Helping international speakers sell out their multi-date events across Australia and New Zealand