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The 90 Day Lead Machine Delivers Referral-Quality Customers & Clients on Auto-Pilot

The Simple Action Plan for Generating New Business on Demand

The “90 Day Leads & Sales Machine” combines over 20 years of experience and millions of dollars spent on online advertising, and distills it into a simple 90 day action plan that any business can follow to reliably generate new business whenever they need it.

Proven Templates

Use the same marketing campaign templates and ads responsible for producing millions of dollars in sales

Latest Strategies & Tactics

Discover “whats working now” to generate new customers & clients with online marketing.

Fast & Easy to Follow

Simply, easy to follow videos and fill-in-the-blanks templates. No tech or design skills required.

Here's What's Included:

The “90 Day Lead Machine” was developed to be completed in 90 days, but you may go through it as fast or slow as you like. You will get instant access to all 12 modules.

Week #1 is all about building an in-depth, 3D view of the people you want to attract into your business.Using our simple 13 question template, you’ll uncover the emotional triggers and “hot buttons” that attract your ideal customer’s attention and compel them to take action.

All while building credibility and empathy that you truly understand them, their current situation, and what they want to achieve in their lives.

After this module you’ll always know what to write and say to attract the rights types of people into your business.

Week #2 is all about creating an irresistible “foot in the door” offer.

A foot in the door offer is a low cost, high value “introductory offer” you develop for your market that maximises the volume of inbound leads for your business.

We walk you through the different types of offers, the 7 keys to a high converting offer, and provide you with an easy fill-in-the-blanks template to quickly and easily create your own, high converting “foot in the door offer”.

Having this type of offer in your business makes it 10x faster, easier and cheaper to generate high quality leads for your business.

Week #3 is all about obtaining the right types of proof and testimonials to use in your marketing.

When doing any kind of marketing, providing PROOF is one of the most aspects.

Everyone is skeptical these days – you must prove you can deliver on your claims with concrete evidence, especially testimonials from your satisfied customers and clients.

Using our easy template, you will quickly obtain correctly formatted testimonials to power up your marketing campaigns.

With these proof elements in place, never again will a prospect doubt your claims or feel uneasy about doing business with you.

Week #4 is all about making sure you have the right tracking and compliance elements on your site. This isn’t the sexiest part of the program… but its absolutely essential to your success. Without the right tracking in place, you have no idea what is and isn’t working. This leads to wasted time and money, with no way to profitably scale your campaigns. Plus, without the right compliance elements in place, your site will likely be banned by Google and Facebook for breaking their rules. Using our easy compliance templates to make your site 100% safe, then using our one-page tracking dashboard empowers you to understand exactly how your campaigns are performing.

Week #5 is all about introducing you the the different ways we actually generate leads.

Over the last decade we’ve developed 7 proven ways to generate leads:

  • Promo / Discount
  • Funnel
  • Short Form Funnel
  • Long Form Funnel
  • Case Study Funnel
  • News Funnel
  • Quiz Funnel
  • Contest Funnel

We introduce to each one, break down why they work so well, and show you which one is best for your business.
We also look at essential design and layout principles that increase your results and conversion rate.

After this module you’ll know the best way to promote your ‘foot in the door’ offer and generate leads easily for your business.

Week #6 and Week #7 is all about actually building the lead capture funnel that promotes the “foot in the door” offer we created in Week #2.

We give you easy-to-use, fill-in-the-blanks templates so you can create beautiful, high converting, mobile-friendly lead capture funnels quickly and easy.

​Even if you’re a complete beginner and have zero design or tech skills.

With just a couple of clicks you’ll be able to import our proven page templates, quickly customise them for your business and offer, then launch it right away.

Week #8 is all about launching the lead capture funnel we built in the previous 2 weeks.

This module shows you step-by-step how to integrate your funnel with your website and email service.

Plus we show you how to add some simple marketing automation to warm your leads up before you speak to them.

Finally we also show you how to supercharge your results with the latest marketing tools and software available to you.

Week #9 is all about getting you setup correctly to start advertising your funnel on Facebook.

We walk you through the essential first steps you MUST take to ensure you have success when running ads on Facebook.

This includes ensuring your business is setup correctly on Facebook, you have the right type of Facebook page and Ad Account, and making sure the Facebook tracking pixel is installed on your funnel and website.

Week #10 is all about actually building our a profitable campaign.

Watch over our shoulder as we build a correctly-structured campaign from scratch.

We reveal the 4 different ways to target your audience on Facebook, plus give you our proven Facebook ad template we use to nearly every campaign we run.

Week #11 is all about managing your Facebook ad campaigns.

Now you’ve launched your Facebook ad campaign, we show you how to manage the ads over time, and scale up your campaigns as they start to deliver you results.

We also reveal how to troubleshoot and overcome common Facebook ad problems.

Week #12 is all about the long term profitability of your marketing campaigns.

We reveal how to rotate your offers for maximum effectiveness, and manage your online marketing long term.


We believe this program will transform your business more than you ever thought possible. We’re so sure of this that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the course content, or you don’t feel it is for you, simply email us to get the entire cost of the course refunded.

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