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How Marketers are Using PressPlay To Increase Leads By Up To

400% Overnight!

No More Paying $1,000's To Host Your Videos

PressPlay provides the flexibility to use various free and paid video hosting services.

Saved $6,500 in Wistia Hosting Fees!

Video Hosting Services

Combine the ability to host your videos 100% for free on services like YouTube or Vimeo, with the advanced features of PressPlay.

You can also use paid videos hosting services like Vimeo Pro, Wistia or SproutVideo.

File Hosting Services

PressPlay also works with any file storage service including Amazon S3, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive or even your own web hosting.

Just paste a link to your video file to start using PressPlay's marketing features.

Viewer Experience Control

Dynamic Interaction Videos

Deliver a CUSTOMIZED marketing message to your viewers.

With the BRAND NEW Dynamic Interaction Videos, you can now walk your viewer through the entire sales video process, customizing it to your specific audience.

These Behavioral Interaction Videos enhance customer interaction, increase sales, and leads by hyper-targeting your viewer and giving them what they want.

Resume Playback

Have your video start playing exactly where the visitor left off. Talk about a great user-experience!

Insights & Analytics

Use one, or a combination of our lead generating, sales booosting "Gates" that lets you add a timed action to capture leads, create viral sharing and drive viewers to buy.

Engagement Graphs

Measure what matters. Monitor how many people are seeing your videos, measure engagement, and track conversions in an easy-to-read dashboard.

Embed Anywhere

Use one, or a combination of our lead generating, sales boosting "Gates" that lets you add a timed action to capture leads, create viral sharing and drive viewers to buy.

Single Video

Want to embed just the video? Simply copy and paste the embed code onto any web page and reap the powerful features of PressPlay.


Want to showcase a group of videos?  Select any number of videos from your PressPlay account and build a playlist that you can easily embed onto any web page.

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How We Stack Up Against the Rest

  • Video Skins
  • YouTube Integration
  • Vimeo Integration
  • SMART Video Features
  • SMART Behavior Features
  • Auto-Responder Integration within Video
  • Engagement Analytics
  • Timed Call to Actions within the Video
  • Facebook Integration
  • Remove Branding
  • Playlists:
  • Dynamic Video:
  • Video Speed:
  • Free Hosting
  • Limited
  • Premium Only

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Limitations or Restrictions?

No Limitations!  You can use PressPlay to customize and embed an unlimited number of  videos as you would like, on as many different webpages.

Do I Need To Install Any Software?

No, PressPlay is cloud-based which means you can access the application from any browser or mobile device.

Am I Limited to Only YouTube or Vimeo for Video Hosting?

We suggest using YouTube or Vimeo as you will take advantage of free hosting, however you can use other services like Amazon S3, Wistia or other services that were designed for video hosting.

Do You Have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee?

Absolutely.  If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with PressPlay within the first 30 days, simply contact our support team and we will refund 100% of your investment.