"Setup, Schedule & Manage Your Social Media From ONE Central Location... With Just a Few Minutes of Setup!”

Watch How to Increase Your Social Reach, Presence, and Traffic with this incredible Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Marketing Tool…

Find and Schedule Viral Content

Auto-Schedule Months in Advance for a Complete Hands Off Management of Your Content Marketing

Go Live With Pre-Recorded Videos

Facebook Promotes Your Videos at the Top of News Feeds for Increased Traffic, Comments, and Shares

Explode Traffic on Facebook, LinkedIn, & Twitter from ONE Location

Manage Your FanPages, Groups, Feeds, Comments, and Entire Social Experience from a single location

Engage with Unique Audiences from Multiple Social Networks With ONE CLICK

Schedule and Post unique, viral content to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn from
one single interface… all at the exact same time!

Need Hyper-Targeted Content?

Uncover Popular Proven VIRAL Content

Find hyper-relevant, shareable content that works for your audience through YouTube, Facebook Pages and Groups, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and Meme Search.

View In-Depth Share and Like Counts, and Schedule The Content to Be Posted to YOUR FanPages, Groups, LinkedIn Posts, and Twitter Feeds for viral appeal, without writing a single word.

Automated Drip Scheduling.

Spending Too Much Manual Time on Your Social Marketing?

Create a complete Hands Off Social Presence with our Automated Drip Scheduler.

Schedule your content to automatically drip content one or multiple times a day, every other day, weekly, or whatever schedule you choose.

All you have to do is supply the content and Social Kickstart will automate the entire publishing schedule for you.

Get More FREE Exposure and Traffic with Facebook LIVE Video Casts

Facebook gives top news feed priority and rank to Live Videos compared to any other type of content posted on their platform. Take advantage of it!

NOW, you can Go Live from Social Kickstart using Pre-Recorded Videos to be scheduled as “Live” broadcasts on Facebook.

Use ANY Video and Push it Live to Your Audience

Step 1

Create a New Post inside of Social Kickstart

Step 2

Add Your Video

Step 3

Schedule Your Video
to “Go Live”

Step 4

Sit Back and Watch Social Kickstart Automatically Broadcast Your Videos on Facebook Live.

Then, watch as Facebook sends your fans or friends a notification as soon you go live, instantly boosting your views, comments, and shares.


Facebook users comment 10X MORE on Live videos than they do on regular video posts.

Social Kickstart’s Live Video Casts take advantage of that, and Facebook Instantly Rewards You by Sending You More Views and Traffic!

What Else Does Social Kickstart Do For You? Well… Just About Everything.

Manage and scale your Facebook fan pages faster and easier than ever before

From 2 fan pages to 200+ manage all of them from a single, simple, clean interface

Reply to a Comments directly inside of Social Kickstart without ever getting bogged down at Facebook.

Stay “In The Know” With Insights

Always know the metric status of all your Facebook pages and campaigns with a streamlined, bird’s eye view of all post dates, shares, likes, subscribers, comments, repins, followers, and more.

Easier-Than-Ever Post Scheduling

Schedule days, weeks, or even months worth of high-quality, viral content in a couple of minutes with a couple of clicks.

You can schedule your updates manually or allow Social Kickstart to automatically stagger your posts to look natural.

Simple Content Queue Management

Build and manage your post queue with simple drag-and-drop functionality.

The Features Do​​​​n’t Stop There

Hyper-target Users, Conduct Deep Market Research, and Monetize Your Social Presence

Facebook Drag-n-Drop Ad Maker

Stop spending tons of money on designs and tons of time figuring out how to use Photoshop.

Social Kickstart lets you create high-converting, eye-popping ad images from one location

No tech skills required – just choose a template, add your text, drag-n-drop images, edit the styling and you’re done!

Create Retargeting Links

Stay on your visitors’ minds with retargeting. Anytime someone clicks on your unique retargeting link, they will automatically be added to a Custom Audience so you can create hyper-targeted segments to re-market to with advertising.

Completely Streamline Your Social Marketing in Two Minutes

Nothing to Install

Our clean, minimalistic interface is 100% web-based. There is nothing to install and you can access it from anywhere on any device

Facebook Groups Management

Easily and quickly manage the content you post to your Facebook Group pages. Not only can you post to your Fan Pages, NOW you can fully schedule unlimited posts to as many Facebook Groups as you’d like.

Unlimited Posts and Usage

No more limits based on the size of your business and amount of social marketing you need to do.

Social Kickstart is a dream for Facebook marketers…


Being able to schedule months worth of content in 30 minutes or less.


Streamlining every aspect of your Facebook management even down to the smallest details


Easily scaling campaigns across multiple niches, and all while reducing your overhead costs.

Are you ready to stop spending hours and hours managing your social marketing?

Start getting increases in traffic and social presence TODAY!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

For whatever reason if you are not happy with Social Kickstart, simply let our friendly team know and we will happily refund your money.

Get Started Today


Prices are in US Dollars & Include GST

Some common questions our customers ask.

Does Social Kickstart go against any of Facebook Terms of Service?

Absolutely not! We ensured that each feature and function built in the app complies 100% with Facebook’s TOS.

Will you continue to update the app as Facebook changes?

Yes of course. We have a team of developers devoted towards ensuring that the app works seamlessly with Facebook and will quickly make any changes needed, based on any updates Facebook makes.

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