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Multi-Tasking is Affecting Your Business

Time and time again, I speak with overwhelmed and adrenally fatigued business owners wearing so many different hats that, quite frankly, wouldn’t look out of place at the Royal Ascot on race day. The vast majority of these hats involve performing a load of tasks that don’t reflect the TRUE hourly rate and, more importantly, the TRUE worth they bring to their business.

Let’s face it, we’re all guilty at some stage. Whether it’s responding to emails, text messages, toggling between web browser tabs or scrolling through social media feeds whilst working on important tasks. It might FEEL like a productive way to work but, according to neuroscientists, our brains aren’t actually built to do more than one thing at a time. However, the real kicker is that multitasking negatively affects our mental performance, productivity, and overall wellbeing!

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But we already know this to be true. I mean, most of us Kiwi businesses enjoy admin and repetitive mundane tasks about as much as jokes involving sheep and Lord of The Rings, right? So how can you drop this anti-creative and anti-innovative multi-tasking vice? It all starts with shifting your perception of who YOU are to your business.

For a quick challenge right now; grab a piece of paper and write down your TRUE hourly rate. Scribble this big number down and don’t let any subconscious head trash hold you back. This is your TRUE worth and asset value to your business, and you can use this number as a multi-tasking barometer from here forward. Your TRUE hourly rate should be based on your experience, expertise and how you want to be perceived within your industry.

For example, are those small repetitive tasks anywhere near the value of your true hourly rate? Is the data entry, email, social posting, website and invoicing tasks actually WORTH your time? We both know the answer.

Write down and circle ALL of the tasks that don’t require your skills or expertise AND are significantly LESS than your true hourly rate. Do it and enjoy the process because these are the tasks that you need to drop like a pretty sizeable rock. It won’t happen overnight, but you can create a ripple today by delegating or outsourcing just ONE of those small, undesirable tasks that are shackling your business growth.

“One of the best exercises you can do for your business is to work out which of your daily tasks can be delegated and outsourced to others. The greater important tasks you achieve today will lead to greater results tomorrow.”

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This shift in mentality and perception of your self-worth will ultimately grow and scale your business. You’ll go from the mindset of a stressed-out employee to a productive, clear thinking CEO capable to focus on activities that BUILDS your business whether that’s client acquisition, automating systems or processes, expanding the team or brand authority and media relations.

So which minutiae tasks can you delegate right now and purge from your daily routine?

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